9th April 2012

Video with 4 notes

Star Wars Trilogy - Radio Play pt 10 - Tatooine and Death Star Scene

John DiMaggio - Bender from Futurama - Stormtrooper

Billy West - Porky Pig - Obi Wan Kenobi

Rob Paulsen - Yakko from Animaniacs - Commander

Maurice LaMarche - Kramer from Seinfeld - Luke Skywalker

                           -Calulon from Futurama - Tarken

Jess Harnell   - Wakko from Animaniacs - Some commander being choked by Vader

Tara Strong (voice acted Dil Pickles from Rugrats) - Princess Clara - Darth Vader

Kevin Conroy - Batman - Narrator

Porky Pig Swearing and Stuttering as Obi Wan that night hilarious.I like Part 7 and 13 as well.

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